We specialize in the construction and production of electro-technical kits or complete medical equipment for OEM customers. We have experience in the field of construction, knowledge of medical restrictions as well as laboratory equipment, which allows to carry out research at various stages of product development. We specialize in microprocessor embedded controllers, which allow default and personalized settings in different devices. We construct and manufacture products for operating theatres (tables, lights, columns for anaesthesiology), specialist beds (intensive care, gynaecological beds, maternity beds), dentistry (units, dentist`s chairs) and other (e.g. blood donation).

Apart from controllers we manufacture users` interfaces: wired and wireless remote controls, chargers, foil, sensor, touch LCD control panels, integrating applications. Moreover, various run-time, communication and service modules. We boast outstanding knowledge of the sector and flexibility to make sure that our products correspond to the specific requirements of the customers.