Interdisciplinary attitude is the basis for solutions at MCD Electronics. It gives an opportunity to look at a problem from many different perspectives, which generates innovative, original attitudes to problem solving. MCD Electronics team consists of people specializing in different fields and having various interests: mechanical constructors, electronics constructor, C++ programmers, C# programmers, Python and SQL, computer graphic designers, physicists, mathematicians, power engineers, lathe-operators, milling machine operators and many other technicians.


Through everyday cooperation in all fields of development MCD Electronics achieves the effect of synergy. MCD Electronics was founded by enthusiasts, and, despite the passage of years and increasing the workforce to 100 people, the company has still retained its start-up nature, where not only your position, but also your skills and engagement count.

Our team is a group of phenomenal, supportive people, who create a brilliant organization culture. Our employees are exceptional individuals, but all of them work together to create innovation with passion, and they change reality on many different levels. We are proud that we do not accept dogmas and fixed patterns of action, and we always try to be one step ahead of the market.