MCD Electronics has one of the biggest Research and Development Departments in the Podbeskidzie region. We employ highly qualified specialists, who are at your disposal at every stage of project development. At the beginning of our cooperation we suggest constructing a prototype of the tool. Thanks to advanced analysis and fast development of the prototype, already in the first phase of design you can receive a product with following possibilities:

  • Introducing changes, which will help to save time and money
  • Analysis and assessment of manufacturing and assembly processes
  • Controlling and moulding and material flow
  • Analysis and assessment of construction solutions
  • Verifying construction solutions
  • Carrying out research in the laboratory
  • Selecting materials
  • Looking for conceptions for project solutions
  • Marketing and client presentations

We have been dealing in design, construction and production of specialist electronic and mechanical devices for almost 25 years. We know the circumstances, market demands, as well as how to meet clients` expectations. We offer you a whole range of services: from counselling to design, individual as well as serial construction and production of devices. Thanks to extended quality control systems and laboratory research we are able to carry out very accurate quality control of our products.

If you are interested in cooperation, or you want to order a free pricing, write to us!